4 Criteria for Patients Classified for Same-Day Admittance to Drug Rehabilitation

The willingness of an individual suffering from drug addiction is the first step to a healthier and better life. However, it is not always easy to get a person to undergo rehabilitation, and once the person decided to get help, it is best to get the help that same day. Those with substance use disorder often change their minds easily, and while they have the urge to turn their life around, it’s best to take advantage of the situation.

Most drug rehabilitation centers are ready to accept anyone who needs their help after going through their process. Drug addiction is different for everyone, and some may need to be treated right away or be taken to the emergency. Patients with chronic drug abuse and drug overdose should need immediate medical attention to stabilize them. These individuals should undergo therapy right away, and if the recovery facility can accept same-day admission, the better.


A person may be admitted the same day for the following reasons:


  1. Overdose


A person who recently had an overdose episode may be qualified to be admitted to a drug rehabilitation facility. While the person may survive and may look okay after an overdose, it is recommended that the family consider admitting their loved one to a rehab facility.


This will ensure that another overdose will be prevented, and the patient will get the proper treatment they need under the care of medical professionals. However, family members should be careful about how they approach the patient as each individual responds to the idea of getting treated differently. Especially for those who had never considered seeking help.


  1. Drug-related Mental Illness


People who suffer from drug addiction may develop mental illnesses over time. Anxiety, depression, hallucinations, paranoia, and aggression are the most common mental illnesses. A lot of people addicted to drugs are diagnosed with mental disorders.

Some of the drugs that may cause mental health issues are cocaine, marijuana, inhalants, LSD, steroids, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and MDMA. Those with drug-related mental illnesses should be admitted the first day they seek help to prevent them from harming themselves and other people.


  1. History of Chronic Substance Abuse


Individuals who have had recurring substance abuse for a long time may be qualified for same-day admittance. Long-term substance abuse may lead to serious mental health issues and diseases such as liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases.


Those who seek help should be admitted right away to avoid changing their minds. Most of them may not feel the same way the following day.


  1. A Request of Family Member


A family member can intervene with the treatment of their loved one. They can arrange and request same-day admittance and force the person to be treated. However, be careful when doing this, as it is hard to force someone into treatment. They may agree to be admitted, but may not take it seriously.


It is still advisable that the person is committed and willing to get the help they need. However, don’t be too discouraged as some were able to complete treatment and had turned their life around even if they were forced initially.


When is it time to bring your loved one to a rehab facility?


People who abuse drugs may try to hide them from their partners or family members. However, even if they do, there are some obvious signs that they are into drugs, and you should take action where drug addiction rehab is needed.


  • Borrowing or spending money more than they should. Sometimes they even steal money just to buy drugs
  • Getting into legal troubles
  • Inability to establish and maintain a healthy relationship whether with their partner, family, or friends
  • Developing health issues due to drug or other substance abuse
  • Finding drug paraphernalia such as syringes, burnt bottle caps or spoons, cigarette wrapping papers, rolled-up banknotes, soiled cotton swabs, and cut-up straws
  • Drastic changes to physical appearance such as lack of personal grooming, or sudden weight gain or loss
  • Behavioral changes such as slurred speech, pulling of sleeves to hide marks, persistent itching, and frequent sniffling
  • Loss of interest in things that mattered before such as hobbies, failure to follow through on planned activities, etc.
  • Isolating themselves from others and constantly staying inside their rooms for long periods, locking doors, and being secretive about their whereabouts


In general, it is recommended that rehab facilities try to accept people who want to seek help. As much as possible, it is ideal to make the admission process less difficult by removing obstacles to reduce patient fatigue. Most individuals with substance abuse disorder can be very unpredictable and they can easily change their minds in a snap.


Being admitted to a rehab center may be scary but it is one of the most effective ways to help individuals with drug abuse disorder. There are different treatment programs available depending on the severity of the situation. Willingly seeking help may be the start of a better life for your loved one