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Treatment Services:


Harm Minimisation Service


The Harm Minimisation Service is provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with the Oasis Partnership, and provides services to drug and alcohol users who are not ready to, or do not wish to, work towards abstinence. The service provides:

  • Harm minimisation advice and information
  • Brief Interventions for drug and alcohol users
  • Outreach for homeless people, sex workers and recreational users and other hard to reach groups
  • Drop in provision across Oxfordshire
  • Assistance to get ready for recovery via 1-1's and group work
  • Blood Borne Virus testing and vaccination
  • Enhanced needle exchange from The Rectory Centre, Rectory Road, Oxford which provides:
    • A comprehensive range of harm reduction paraphernalia
    • Pick and mix items including water, condoms and steri-cups
  • Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST) is available from this service following an assessment.

Volunteer Leaflet


For anyone who wants advice and information, access to services, to talk to someone about treatment, or to talk about any other drug or alcohol need.

Where are the Harm Minimisation Service drop ins?


Rectory Centre, Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BU
Monday, 12 noon until 7pm
Tuesday to Fridays, 12pm to 4pm
Saturday, 11.30am to 2.30pm


Banbury Health Centre, 58 Bridge Street, Banbury
Tuesday 2pm - 7pm


Marlborough House, Marlborough Lane, Witney
Wednesday 2pm - 7pm


35 Ock Street, Abingdon
Thursday 12.45pm till 2.45 pm


The Causeway Centre, Bicester, OX26 6AN
Thursday 12pm - 3pm


King Alfred Drive, Community Centre, King Alfred Drive, Didcot OX11 7NU
Friday 10.30am - 12.30pm

For more information please call: 01865 455601


Rectory Centre
Rectory Road




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Recovery Service


The Recovery Service is provided by Lifeline, and offers community based recovery focused treatment services. This service is for people who are ready to work towards abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs (including substitute medication and street drugs).

Guide to the Criteria for the Recovery Service - Lifeline.pdf

The service provides reduction planning for community detoxification for opiate and alcohol dependence as well as a range of treatment interventions including:

  • Structured Recovery Groups including:
    • Community Assisted Recovery Model (CARM)
    • Community Rehab
    • Gender Specific
    • Pre-detoxification preparation
    • Introduction to Recovery
  • Counselling and family therapy
  • Peer support
  • Blood borne virus testing and vaccination
  • Links to NA, AA
  • SMART recovery
  • Education, training and employment support
  • Relapse prevention
  • Complementary therapy treatments
  • Debt management
  • Sport and art based therapy
  • Housing support
  • Life and social skills development

There are currently Recovery Hubs at locations in Witney, Banbury and Oxford City. The Recovery Service will also operate from other venues across Oxfordshire.

The Recovery Service has an 'Introduction to Recovery' Group every day. No appointment is necessary, you can just turn up. The Introduction to Recovery Groups are:


2pm Monday to Friday at the Backstage of the Old Music Hall in Oxford
2pm Wednesdays at Banbury Health Centre
2pm Thursdays at Marlborough House in Witney

For more information please call: 01865 403247


The Old Music Hall
106-108 Cowley Road




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Residential Treatment Services:


Howard House


This is a 10 bed residential detoxification service for women and men over the age of 18 who are resident in Oxfordshire and who are seeking abstinence from:

  • Class A drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Chaotic Poly drug use
  • Opiate Substitution therapy
  • Co-dependence with any of the above and benzodiazepines.

LASARS will undertake the assessments for residential treatment, including Howard House.

Guidelines on Suitability for Referral and Admission to Howard House

For more information please call: 01865 200955




Out of County Residential Treatment


In Oxfordshire, the majority of placements are now made from a selection of residential detoxification and residential rehabilitation facilities that have been through an evaluation process and have been assessed as suitable for use for Oxfordshire service users. This is known as a Framework. There are currently nine providers and fifteen facilities available.

Access to residential treatment is available through an assessment with the
Harm Minimisation Service: 01865 455601.


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Other Services:




In Oxfordshire needle exchange services are part of the Sterile Works for Oxfordshire Premises (SWOP) scheme.
SWOP services are provided at a number of pharmacies and venues across the county.

For more information on needle exchange, see the Harm Reduction section

SWOP leaflet and maps.




OUT BBV and Overdose Prevention Workshops


Monthly Overdose Prevention and Response and Hepatitis C workshops, aimed at drug users and carers are delivered by OUT.
For more information please call: 01865 209111


The Latimer Suite
Bullingdon House
174B Bullingdon Road



Oxfordshire User Team (OUT)


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Peer Support (Mutual Aid):


SMART Recovery (also known as STAR Recovery in Oxfordshire)


SMART/STAR recovery is a new peer based support group available to people living with addiction issues in Oxfordshire. The programme runs using a Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy philosophy.

Addictive behaviour can serve a purpose - to cope with life's problems and emotional upsets. However, many problems arise from heavy drinking, drug using, gambling, overeating, and other excesses.

To help reverse your self-destructive behaviour, this programme concentrates on the thinking and feelings that lead to your actions. The focus is on the present and the only role that your past plays is to learn from it.

SMART/STAR views addiction as our own responsibility. Substances do not have the power to force us to use them and after the physical effects of using are gone the struggle to remain substance free is purely a mental one.

SMART/STAR meetings are a good place to meet and chat with people who share a common goal. There are exercises and worksheets available for members to take home with them and the group facilitator will be able to give you information on other types of peer support locally such as NA/AA groups.

Come along to a meeting and try out this approach to peer support and remaining abstinent from street drugs and/or alcohol. Contact Oxfordshire User Team on 01865 209111 or 07986 816955 for more details.

AA - Al-Anon website


Oxfordshire Recovery Network

Oxfordshire User Team (OUT)

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