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Oxfordshire User Team (OUT)

OUT provide the following | Oxfordshire Recovery Network

Oxfordshire User Team (OUT) is a user-led organisation promoting social inclusion and providing opportunities for people overcoming drug and alcohol issues. OUT is an independent, innovative charity working with drug users and user groups in Oxfordshire and the South East of England. OUT is committed to working in partnership with drug service providers, commissioners and related organisations to improve treatment provision and reduce the negative impact of drug use on the health, safety and social wellbeing of individuals and the wider community.

OUT was set up in 2002. It evolved from peer education sessions which proved a useful forum for conducting consultations with users on a wide number of issues that are then fed into local treatment provision and the local Drug Action Team. OUT gained charitable status in October 2003. The team currently has two full time staff (Service Manager and Project Worker) and eight volunteers. OUT is offered ongoing support from the Oxfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) Commissioning Team.

Oxfordshire DAAT user involvement strategy

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OUT provide the following


Many drug and alcohol users find that they come up against issues whilst in treatment or whilst trying to access treatment. Theses may affect an individual's treatment gains. Independent advocates can act on the individual's behalf to help resolve issues.

Service User Involvement

OUT gives input to decision making, represents the users' voice, and conducts consultations with users, on drug and alcohol related issues. OUT aims to improve drug treatment provision and related services by acting as a watchdog and consultative body.

STAR Recovery

Striving To Achieve Recovery (STAR Recovery) is a new peer based support group available to people living with addiction issues in Oxfordshire.

OUTSMART Overdose Workshops

OUT peer educators deliver workshops across Oxfordshire on overdose prevention and response to intravenous drug users.

OUTlive Hepatitis C Project

Workshops and information to raise awareness of Hepatitis C and preventative techniques, encourage people at risk to present for testing, and signpost those affected by Hepatitis C to appropriate helping agencies. (www.oxfordhepc.co.uk )

Peer Advocacy

Trained peer advocates represent users experiencing difficulties with drug and alcohol and related services.

OUT Volunteers

OUT Volunteers are recruited from the local community. The team is made up of current and ex-users who are encouraged to take on roles within the group and be trained to deliver OUT services, peer education workshops, advocacy, and help in running the OUT office.

Click here to go to the OUT website for more information

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Oxfordshire Recovery Network

OUT are setting up a new service called, Oxfordshire Recovery Network, (ORN).The ORN will be based on the principles of the '5 ways to wellbeing in recovery', as follows;

  1. Connect… With people around you. Go to meetings (AA, NA, CA, STAR/SMART RECOVERY)
  2. Be Active…do something, go for a walk, exercise, do anything constructive
  3. Give… Do something for someone else. Volunteer
  4. Keep Learning… Try something new. Become a student of recovery?
  5. Take Notice… Be curious. Be present. 'The Power of Now'

The purpose of this new venture will be to enhance the gains service users make in the new harm minimisation and recovery services in Oxfordshire, giving service users access to many 'out of treatment' facilities such as;

  • Assisting service users to identify their current 'recovery capital' and identifying what they can utilise locally to build their capital further
  • Building social networks with peers/friends
  • Using those networks to build a safe recreational activity base
  • Behavioural change training
  • Group and one to one work to enhance the chance of gaining employment and further education
  • Giving voluntary work opportunities to service users
  • Offering incentives to people moving from harming to recovery and from recovery to full reintegration, such as outward bound courses and Equine Therapy weekends
  • Music therapy
  • Computer training
  • Life skills such as bike maintenance and cooking for a family

Refresh Café

Volunteer opportunities are also available at Café Refresh. The cafe is in the heart of East Oxford, on Cowley Road. The café is designed to do two things:

1. Offer good value, healthy food and drinks for local residents and to cater for local services meeting requirements (the money generated by this venture, once usual outgoings are covered, goes to fund the following)

2. To offer a route to joining the Oxfordshire Recovery Network, once joined a person can receive assistance with;

  • Identifying and building their 'Recovery Capital'
  • Access education, training and career aspiration building sessions on a 1:1 basis
  • Access the timetable of activates that include education courses, social and leisure activities
  • Access peer support
  • Access real hands on work experience to prepare for re-entering the job market
  • Access to funding to prepare for entering career/education (individual grants to apply for)


174B Bullingdon Road,
The Latimer Suite,
Oxford OX4 1UE


01865 209111


07986 816955


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