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Support for Schools

Teachers may want help and advice regarding a young person's drug and alcohol use.
If a young person in your school has been caught with substances, for advise and help with mediation call

Bill Russell, School drug consultant on 01865 428035.




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If a young person needs individual support relating to their drug or alcohol use, refer that young person to the single point of contact for all schools at Young Addaction . Young Addaction will ensure that the young person is seen by the most appropriate person which may be a youth worker or a specialist drugs worker, depending on their need.

Referral form for teachers

Tel: 01235 468405

Recreational Drugs Campaign

Oxfordshire DAAT are launching a campaign to raise awareness of the risks associated with recreational drug use. We have produced a number of video clips to highlight the effects and dangers of using Mephedrone, Ketamine, Cocaethylene, Cannabis and Mixing Drugs and Alcohol.

Other promotional material for the campaign will be available for order soon, please check back for more details.


Drug help, support and advice for Oxfordshire:

01235 468405

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