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Resources and Publications

Oxfordshire DAAT has a range of publications to:

  • help inform people of the risks and dangers of drug and alcohol misuse
  • inform people of the services and support available in Oxfordshire
  • help parents talk to their children about drugs and alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Handbook - A guide to drug and alcohol services in Oxfordshire and how to access them.

Parents and Carers Guide - To inform parents and carers of the different drugs and alcohol, the effects and the law, and to help them to speak to their children about the risks.
Parents and carers guide

The Family Workbook - A book for parents/carers/teachers/workers to work through with a child to help explain their parent's drug or alcohol misuse. This book covers many basic areas such as safety and emergency situations, family life and the parent's problem.
Guidance notes for Parents
Family Workbook

Ketamine Fact cards - A postcard with the risks of ketamine use

YouTube animations - 5 short animations we created on YouTube to show the effects and risks of drug and alcohol use. Includes Mephedrone, Ketamine, Cocaethylene, Cannabis and Mixing Drugs and Alcohol.

Android App 'Spike's House Party' - A game for the android phone. Use your phone to help Spike the porcupine find his way through the rooms in a house party, avoiding the time-wasting effects of the different drugs and drinks along the way.
Download Spike's House Party for free on the Android App marketplace.

Drug and Alcohol Education Toolkit - It is a series of files with different themes, within each theme there are lesson plans and assembly plans for teachers to be able to access and download.


ALCOHOL - Lesson 1
ALCOHOL - Lesson plan 1 - Alcohol and links with risky behaviour

Assertiveness work

Assertiveness Poster to go with Lesson
Assertiveness lesson plan
Assertiveness PowerPoint
Helping Friends with Drug Problems Lesson Plan
Reducing Risk Scenario Cards
Scenarios for Assestiveness Lesson


Ketamine assembly notes
Ketamine assembly
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 1
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 2
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 3
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 4
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 5
Ketamine Lesson Plan Resources - Article 6

Legal Highs

Legal highs assembly
Legal Highs Lesson Plan
Mephedone assembly
Mephedrone Lesson Plan


Media Literacy
Media Literacy Checklist
Media Literacy lesson Plan

Risk work

Drug Risks and Harm Minimisation Lesson Plan
Exploring Attitudes to Drugs and Stereotypes of Drug Dealers Lesson Plan
Lesson plan on Risky Behaviour and PBs

The Teen Brain

Brain Research Sheet for Teen Brain Lesson
Diagrams of brain for Teen Alcohol Lesson
The Teen Brain and Alcohol Lesson Plan
The Teen Brain and Alcohol


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